About Us

Lakeshore Allergy is a practice dedicated to providing complete
allergy and asthma care.

We offer services in the following areas:

allergic eye conditions

allergic nasal conditions

allergic sinus conditions


food allergies

hives and allergy related eczema

stinging insect allergies

recurrent respiratory infections

drug allergies


The Allergy Work-Up

The allergy evaluation is divided into several visits. The first visit is a consultation and review of the problem involved. If skin tests and screening for asthma are required, they are often started on the first visit.


Skin Tests

Skin tests are done by the percutaneous and intradermal method and usually take 1 or 2 visits depending on the body surface area. Results of all tests are reviewed with you and any future treatment is discussed.


Pulmonary Function Test

This test is performed to screen you for asthma. About 80% of Asthma is caused by allergies and 30-60% of individuals who have nasal or ocular allergies can go on and develop asthma.


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