Julie A. Hutson, MD

Dr. Julie Hutson, MD is a physician who specializes in Allergy, Immunology and Asthma with 14 years of experience. She practices in the Holland community area with 8 years of previous allergy experience in the Chicago area. She is board certified in both internal medicine and allergy immunology and asthma. She has special expertise in areas that includes asthma, nasal ocular symptoms, food allergies, stinging insect, hives and rashes, chronic sinusitis headaches for all allergy pediatric and adult patients. Dr. Hutson has been awarded and recognized with the following: First female "chief resident" of Oakwood hospital in Dearborn, Michigan.

Dr. Hutson has hospital affiliations with: Holland Community, Spectrum Health, Zeeland Community, Metro Health, and North Ottawa hospitals.

Office Location(s):

Lakeshore Allergy

3290 N. Wellness Dr.
Bldg. D, Suite 180
Holland, Michigan 49424
Location Phone: 616-738-4262
Location Fax: 616-738-4266

My Phone: 616-738-4262

Accepting new patients:
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